CBD 21% REMEDY 2g-100g


CBD 21% REMEDY 2g-100g
Available in packs: 2g-3g-5g-10g-20g-50g-100g

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Grams (CBD buds / hashish / crystals) or /piece Price / g or Price / pc
1 24,00
2 12,00
3 - 4 11,65
5 - 9 10,00
10 - 19 9,00
20 - 49 8,50
50 - 99 7,60
100+ 6,00
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CBD 21% REMEDY 2g-100g

Remedy is a light variety of indoor and outdoor cannabis grown for maximum CBD composition. Its flower is a sharp Kali-grown CBD hemp variety with a gaseous undertone and a unique sweet, coniferous and lemon flavor profile. Remedy is a blend of Cannatonic and Afghan skunks and is based on the variety of cannabis flowers. It has an eye-catching aroma and large, dense cannabis flowers, perfect for evening activities when you want to relax after a long day. The name "Remedy" is not chosen at random…
Remedy is a beautiful, trichomous variety that is dark, olive green with purple tones. The flowers have a round shape and are relatively small and sticky to the touch. What Remedy lacks in size, it compensates for the effect. A blissful, relaxing remedy for life's difficulties. With a sweet, light floral aroma and a needle with fresh pepper accents, Remedy is a gift for the senses that stood out from the rest. When you open the package, you get an instant floral scent that gradually turns into a tropical mango and dried fruit scent. Remedy has a natural taste with citrus, needles and black pepper. The undertones are both sweet and salty, reminiscent of green apples. Most people say that Remedy is gentle and not harsh on the throat.


100% Remedy Organic CBD Buds - THC <0.2% - CBD 21% - CBG 0.7% - 2g-100g

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Weight 2-100 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm








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